Bespoke outplacement solutions

You don’t have to compromise.

We can launch a program for 10 or 1,000 employees within 24 hours.
Outplacement can be fast and cost-effective, without sacrificing the human touch.

We get it: when you’re managing something as sensitive as outplacement, you can’t take chances. You need to get it right – for your exiting employees, for your staff who are remaining, and for the integrity of your employer brand.

Fortunately, technological advances mean you can now stretch your resources further than ever before.

And by offering exiting staff a suite of accessible and current online programs, you can relax in the knowledge that they’re being given the very best in career transition education. You can support them before or after they leave, by extending their access to the programs. 

Our digital solutions also free up your internal resources to focus on providing the personal support that should always form part of an outplacement program.

With our our discussion guides and FAQs at their disposal, your HR specialists will feel confident helping exiting employees navigate the more challenging aspects of career transition.

What users are saying about our out placement services.

Transitioning employee

“To be honest, I was surprised by how much I learned from the online programs. My skills were more out of date than I realised. I really needed this because I had no idea about LinkedIn or video interviews or even how to work with a recruiter.”

HR officer

“We’re not a huge business, but I feel like we’re offering ‘blue chip’ outplacement support to our people now. I’m actually really proud of what we can provide and I know the business is really impressed by what we can do without a massive budget.”

Line manager

“Making people redundant is always an unpleasant experience, but this process made it less stressful. I liked that people could choose the online modules that appealed to them and do them at home. It gave them some control over the process.”

When it comes to outplacement, we’re refreshingly different.

We understand the modern job search

Most outplacement programs haven’t changed much since the 90s.

Participants are handed huge binders of out-dated material that doesn’t reflect the reality of today’s job search.

Our programs are different.
We update them annually to ensure
we capture the latest trends in job seeking, such as video screening interviews, personal websites and infographic resumes.

We have real world industry experience

Most career programs are written by instructional writers with limited real-world experience.

Our programs have been designed by a panel of experts with decades of experience as internal recruiters and agency head-hunters.

Between us, we have helped over 15,000 Australians find jobs. 
We understand how the hidden job market works & the importance of personal branding in the gig economy.

We understand what your employees want

Outplacement programs should never feel like a ‘tick-the-box’ exercise. Our online programs speak directly to exiting employees’ immediate concerns, and equip them to get their job search started right away.

Our content is written for Australian users. We use video, animations and practical activities to keep participants engaged. We also provide supporting materials to ensure the conversation continues offline.

Wanting to offer better outplacement services?