think 'total talent'

Contingent workers can be more valuable than permanent staff.

Ensure you always have access to the best talent by nurturing your network of contractors and casual staff.

Online programs to develop and reward contingent workers  

1. Soft skills for contractors

Employers are increasingly aware that the value contractors bring depends on their ‘soft skills’.

The most successful contractors demonstrate:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Customer focus
  • A growth mindset.

Many of our online courses address these important skills, giving participants a competitive edge.

2. Career development for contractors

It’s a mistake to think contractors aren’t career-focussed. Many contractors pursue contracting precisely because they’re committed to acquiring marketable skills and building an extensive network. 

Whether you’re a hiring agency or employer, you can strengthen your relationship with contractors by offering them formal career development via our online courses.

Our courses cover everything from interview skills to changing careers. There’s bound to be a course that could benefit every contractor.

Courses for contractors

Our Career Pathing for Contractors program incorporates a range of courses designed specifically for contractors. 

The courses are accessible via our responsive web-based LMS.

You can design a tailored program for your contractors or let them choose from the full menu of courses.




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