We love Mondays!

There’s no career challenge that’s new to us.

2000 Mondays has worked with 1000’s of people facing career change. We understand navigating change is never easy.

Our programs have been designed & curated to help individuals pivot quickly to secure a new role.

Melissa Bridge, Founder and CEO


Melissa founded 2000 Mondays in 2011 after running her own executive search consultancy specialising in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Prior to this she held C-suite level HR roles with global lifestyle brands Adidas and Rip Curl. While running her search consultancy, Melissa became increasingly surprised that most candidates didn’t have the skills or knowledge they needed to manage their careers, and it became more obvious when their roles were made redundant due to organisational restructures.

She founded 2000 Mondays to tackle this issue initially with organisations to help them provide an alternative to the typical career transitions programs on offer. In late 2019 she commenced the second phase of her business strategy which was to provide access to their courses and coaching to individuals directly.

Melissa is driven by her belief that being able to manage your career is the most valuable professional skill a person can develop. She is supported by a team of associates who specialise in HR, e-comm strategy and digital learning.