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Prove your organisation cares about careers. 

Empower your people, by partnering with 2000 Mondays.
Our programs make a huge difference at every stage of a person’s career.

1. When  people join

Demonstrate that your organisation takes careers seriously.

Make sure new starters optimise the first 90 days in their new role. And make sure eFveryone has the skills they need to succeed at your organisation.

2. During employment

Support both managers and staff to have more effective – and ongoing – career conversations.

Upskill key talent to grow their personal brands. Help all employees to future-proof their careers.

3. During career transition

Make sure people know how to navigate career change inside or outside the organisation.

Support people to transition during organisational restructures. Provide excellent outplacement programs and support.

Career literacy gives your business a competitive advantage.

Don’t wait until your people are leaving to equip them with valuable career-management skills.
Start early, and reap the rewards.

It makes it easier to manage change

Restructuring and downsizing are less challenging when your workforce is already career-literate, and you have excellent career development programs in place. Become a more agile organisation with a more agile workforce.


It boosts attraction and retention

If people understand how they can progress their careers within your organisation they’re more likely to join your organisation and stay longer. This reduces costs, boosts productivity and protects institutional knowledge.

It drives employee engagement

Key driver analysis consistently shows that career development is the second-most important factor in employee engagement after recognition. Engaged workers are significantly more productive on every measure.

It reveals hidden potential

Career conversations often reveal talents, ambitions
or ideas that managers didn’t know their people had. Moreover, succession planning is easier when an organisation understands its people’s talents and aspirations.

People have taken control of their careers with our help.

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