Agile online learning

Today’s workers are overwhelmed and distracted.

 If you want to get through to them, you have to meet them where they are.
Our programs are short, punchy and interactive. Activities encourage learners to apply and retain their new knowledge. 
Our fully responsive LMS gives your people 24/7 access to over 50 hours of content.

Inspired by the latest trends in corporate learning.

Digital learning

The media savvy YouTube generation is unimpressed by tedius instructional programs. 

Our programs utilise a range of videos, animations and quizzes to keep users entertained and focussed. 


Micro learning

Modern learners can only process four to five pieces of information at once. And they start to tune out after ten minutes.

Our programs drip-feed learners with bite-sized content over longer time intervals.

On-demand learning

People now expect information to be available on-demand. 
Learning should be accessible at any time, from any location.  

Our programs are accessed via a web-based LMS designed with mobile phone users in mind. 

Applied learning

If learners are to have any chance of retaining new knowledge, they need a chance to apply it to their own lives.  

Our programs help learners plan to implement what they've learned.

Career Ready

Our flagship program prepares employees for their external job search. Over 5 modules, users learn where the jobs are, how to prepare a stand-out resume, how to interview with confidence, why networking isn’t just for extroverts and why mindset is hugely important.

Career Clarity

This comprehensive program helps users clarify what a satisfying job looks like for them. Explores their preferred tasks, personal strengths, workplace preferences and values. Also helps users determine the degree of career change they’re ready to pursue.


Career Conversations

Because a conversation is a two-way process, we provide complementary programs for both line managers and staff. Covers the importance of these conversations in driving employee engagement, and provides a practical guide to starting the dialogue.

Your First 90 Days

An inspiring program to help new starters
build great relationships and become high-
performers from day one. Covers everything from learning about your manager’s style to time management skills.

Career Navigation (Bespoke)

Assists employees (including new starters) to understand how to navigate their career at your organisation. This program is tailored each client so it reflects your organisation’s unique career development opportunities and career paths.


Becoming a Contractor

A practical guide to transitioning to contract
or freelance work. Explains legal and practical considerations, as well as the skills needed to build and maintain a thriving ‘business’ as a solo operator. Ideal for employees experiencing outplacement.

Brand Power

A guide to defining, building and maintaining an effective personal brand. Explains why personal branding is increasingly important, and how to use a range of levers, including social media, to develop a compelling personal brand. Ideal for key talent or job-seekers looking to differentiate themselves.

Future-Proof Your Career

Explains the changing employment environment
and provides a road-map for future employability. Describes the characteristics needed to survive – and thrive – including adaptability, a learning orientation, and grit. Ideal for staff at all stages of their careers, but especially those affected by outplacement.

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