“Follow your passion” has become something of a career maxim.  It’s understandable: this pithy statement makes choosing a career direction seem easy. And, of course, the idea of loving your work so much that it doesn’t even feel like “work” is very seductive.

But is it good advice? Not for most people, in our experience. Of course, there are people who do manage to turn their passion into a rewarding career or business, and that’s wonderful. But most of us will do better looking for work that:

  • Comprises tasks we enjoy
  • Plays to our strengths
  • Delivers meaning
  • Comes with a work environment that suits us.

In our opinion, a job that ticks off all four of these boxes is likely to be fulfilling, whether or not it taps into a particular passion.

In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest being very cautious about following your passion. There are a lot of reasons it can backfire, as we explain in this animation.