Career Ready:
Rethinking Networking

Target audience:
All employees, although it will be of most immediate benefit to employees looking for new roles internally or externally.

Learning objective: To encourage participants to embrace networking as a valuable long-term career-management tool.

Participants should finish the course with: 

  • An appreciation for the fact that you don’t have to be an extrovert to be a good networker
  • Ideas for networking that will suit their personal style
  • The confidence to start networking via social media
  • A map of their current network.

Length: 60 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the full course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.

Course overview

Topics covered

  • Why people avoid networking
  • Networking approaches for people who don’t like networking
  • Online networking
  • Targeted face-to-face networking
  • Mapping your personal network
  • Event networking
  • Relationship skills

Business outcomes

  • Retained employees become more effective networkers, which makes them more effective internally and externally. 
  • Employees leaving the organisation are better placed to find new opportunities, which makes them feel more supported by, and favourably disposed towards, their employer.  (This impacts the net promoter score.)

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