Career Ready:
Mastering Your Mindset

Target audience:
All employees, although it will be of most immediate benefit to employees looking for new roles internally or externally.

Learning objective: To educate participants about the role that mindset plays in career success.  

Participants should finish the course with: 

  • An understanding whether they tend to favour fixed or growth mindset thinking 
  • An understanding of the usefulness of a growth mindset in all areas of life, including a job search
  • Some idea of how to start observing and changing their thinking to make it more conducive to success.

Length: 25 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the full course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.

Course overview

Topics covered

  • Why your mindset makes a difference to your career and job search
  • The difference between a fixed and growth mindset (based on Carol Dweck’s research)
  • Why you need to embrace effort    
  • Accepting that challenges are inevitable
  • Viewing mistakes as a learning opportunity
  • Viewing feedback as useful information
  • Staying motivated

Business outcomes

  • Employees who are leaving the organisation appreciate being given greater insight into how their thought patterns can impact their job search.  This makes them feel more supported by the organisation, which boosts the net promoter score. 
  • Retained employees have insights they can use to improve their self-awareness, which impacts engagement and relationships.  

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