Career Ready:
Kicking Off Your Job Search

Target audience:
Employees looking for new roles because they have been impacted by redeployment or redundancy programs. (This is the first of five courses that comprise the Career Ready program.)

Learning objective: To give participants the skills and knowledge they need to start their job search with confidence. 

Participants should finish the course with: 

  • Knowledge about the hidden job market and the importance of social media  
  • A strategy for managing their job search efficiently  
  • An understanding of exactly what their skills are and how they can market them for different roles
  • Knowledge about how best to work with agencies and internal recruiters 
  • An understanding of the psychological and emotional challenges they need to prepare to manage.

Length: 60 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the full course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.


Course overview

Topics covered

  • Assessing your technical and transferable skills
  • Where to find job advertisements and how to decode them
  • Working with agencies and internal recruiters
  • Using your network
  • How to apply for jobs online and by phone
  • Getting organised
  • The importance of emotional intelligence, and preparing for challenges
  • Staying motivated

Business outcomes

  • Employees feel confident to start their job search quickly, which increases take-up of other outplacement services. 
  • Higher take-up of outplacement services enhances perception of organisation as supportive employer by exiting and retained employees. (This boosts the net promoter score.)

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