Career Ready:
Developing a Standout Resume

Target audience:
Employees looking for new roles internally or externally.

Learning objective: To provide participants with a finished reverse-chronological resume which they can download, edit and maintain as needed.

Length: 60 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the full course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.

Course overview

Topics covered

  • How to write an effective cover letter
  • How to fill out an application form
  • Latest trends in resumes
  • What to include in your resume
  • How to write a personal statement
  • How to describe your strengths and achivements
  • Managing referees
  • Keeping your resume current

Business outcomes

  • Exiting employees have a comprehensive and contemporary resume, which makes them feel more supported by, and favourably disposed towards, their employer.  (This boosts the net promoter score.)
  • Employees who are not leaving the organisation are better equipped to pursue internal opportunities, which boosts retention and engagement.

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