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Career management matters.

Employees who can manage their own careers are more empowered, more committed and more productive. 

When people join

Getting the first 90 days right

An employee’s first few months in a new role are critical. We recommend offering a short, engaging, program for new employees to ensure they are set up to succeed from the start. 

Explaining the opportunities at your organisation

You can reduce turnover by making sure that all your employees, including casuals, understand the opportunities open to them.
Our Career Navigation program, which is tailored to each client organisation, explains how employees can take control of their careers at your organisation. Typically, the program explains general career management skills, as well as specific programs and opportunities at your organisation.

Supporting women to succeed

If your organisation is serious about closing the gender gap and promoting more women into leadership programs, our Career Code for Women program can help. This program tackles the unique challenges and obstacles that women face when navigating their careers, even if they work for progressive employers.   

During employment

Encouraging career conversations

Employees who experience more regular career conversations with their direct line manager are:

  • 76% more likely to look for opportunities within their organisation rather than externally
  • 82% more engaged with their work.*

We offer programs to help managers and employees learn how to have these important conversations more regularly.

*Right Management, 2016

Future proofing their careers

Make sure your employees’ skills keep up to date with changes in your organisation and the broader workforce.

Our program, which can be tailored to your particular organisation’s challenges, provides your staff with a step-by-step guide to keeping their skills current and acquiring new ones.

Explaining the importance of personal branding

Employees who don’t know how to build a strong personal brand will struggle to thrive in almost every organisation. Ensure that your talented employees have this skill so their value is recognised and they can pursue a rewarding career within your organisation.

When people leave

Helping them clarify their career goals

Exiting employees may benefit from a program that helps them clarify what a satisfying career looks like for them, and determine the degree of career change they need to pursue to be more satisfied at work.

Our two-part Career Clarity program explores these issues and explains what’s involved in making a major career change.

Ensuring they master today’s job search skills

Our five-part flagship program, Career Ready helps employees who are leaving an organisation acquire all the skills they need for a modern job search.

It covers finding jobs to apply for, preparing a resume (using our resume-builder), interviewing with confidence, overcoming reluctance to network and developing a growth mindset.

Supporting them to move to a new employment model

Every year, more Australians leave permanent employment and start working for themselves or enjoying portfolio careers.

We’ve designed a program that supports people to transition to non-traditional employment models. It explores different ways of working, and the factors that need to be considered before making a change.

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