Career Conversations:
For Managers & Employees

Target audience:
We recommend these complementary courses for all line managers and employees.

Learning objective: To encourage everyone in the organisation to start an ongoing dialogue about careers.

At the conclusion of the courses, participants should:

  • Understand why career conversations are so important
  • Understand why people avoid career conversations
  • Know how to initiate career conversations.

Length: 30 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the manager version of the course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.

Course overview

Topics covered

  • How a career conversation differs from a performance appraisal
  • Who is responsible for career conversations
  • How career conversations promote employee engagement and retention
  • Why managers and employees avoid career conversations
  • How to organise and start an effective conversation
  • Topics to discuss
  • Wrapping up conversations and next steps

Business outcomes

  • During research conducted by Right Management in 2016,  surveyed employees indicated that if career conversations were more regular:
    • 82% of them would be more engaged with their work
    • 78% of them would be more likely to share their ideas
    • 76% of them would be more likely to look for opportunities for career growth at their current employer rather than by leaving
    • 75% of them would be more likely to stay with their current employer.

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