Career Clarity (Part 1):
Setting Your Direction

Target audience:
Employees already looking for new roles internally or externally, or employees who are dissatisfied with their current role but unsure about their career goals.

Learning objective: To help participants better understand what sort of job will satisfy them and whether they should be open to career change.

Participants should finish the course with:

  • A clearer understanding of which tasks they enjoy at work, their level of mastery of those tasks and their personal strengths
  • Clarity about what what’s important to them in a work environment and what gives them meaning at work
  • Insights into why following your passions does not always lead to a successful career
  • Clarity about what their next step is: looking for a similar role (in which case they can finish the program here) or making a more radical career change (in which case they should continue to part 2).

Length: 60 minutes.

These video clips are excerpts from the full course. To see the full course, please request an online demo.

Course overview

Topics covered

  • Four key factors that drive job satisfaction:
    1. Enjoying most of the tasks
    2. Using your strengths, while still being challenged
    3. A work environment that’s a good fit
    4. Work that is meaningful.
  • Why “follow your passion” isn’t necessarily good advice
  • The degree of career change required to boost satisfaction

Business outcomes

  • Exiting employees who are confused about their next steps feel confident to start taking action more quickly, which increases take-up of other outplacement services.
  • Higher take-up of outplacement services enhances exiting and retained employees’ perceptions of the organisation as a supportive employer. (This boosts the net promoter score.)

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